I've been on a break for a while now, not working on any music at all. Since my move to Sacramento 6 months ago, I haven't even set up my equipment. I've been pondering giving this up since I've lost all passion for it. I won't be surprised if I change my mind someday, but for now I'm on a hiatus. If I do make music again, I'm not sure it will be under the name I.Q., since I never liked the name much. 

I've been working on new music for the last couple months, and will narrow it down to the best songs and have a new release at the beginning of next year. 

Just put together a bunch of dope hip-hop drums, added samples and came up with this 25 minute song/mix.

Tomorrow is 4/20, so get prepared by listening to my new single!

I just released a new single called 'Distractions', and will be releasing more singles soon.

I had a bunch of lyrical verses laying around, so I put them on some modern drum tracks I made, then filled in the rest, and now I'm getting diagnostics from major record labels to find out which songs are worth mastering and releasing as singles.

Get tickets here.

Right now I am working on promoting my group Smart Asses. We just released the album at the Crooked I show when we opened up for him, and are about to promote it to radio and the media.

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